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An important real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates is Danube Properties, a division of the Dubai-based Danube Group. Originally a tiny trade firm, it has developed into this position. In 1993, Danube Buildings was established by Rizwan Sajan and his wife. Since then, it has been building properties and garnering the confidence of its customers.

As of right now, Danube Properties has engaged in the development, construction, home furnishings, and building materials sectors of the real estate industry. The business has employed over 3,300 individuals and successfully built properties in nine different nations. There are around 1.4 billion AED in revenue each year.

One of the top five real estate firms in Dubai is Danube Properties. Its goals are to create lasting relationships while offering high-quality, affordable homes.

Danube Properties is renowned for having highly skilled staff and for having a great track record in real estate development in the United Arab Emirates.


Arjan, Dubai, UAE